Match Report: Club America 3-2 Atlético de San Luis

Photo: @AmericaFemenil

Club America would find game day 2 in the Liga MX Femenil season up against Atl. San Luis, but the first game at home after a 0-2 victory over Cruz Azul. Another 10 pm kick-off (UK Local time) on TUDN MX. The teams lined up and it was Club America that came out on top early on in the game. The possession was with Club America through most of the opening minutes but nothing really of note on the goal. The first real chance looked to come as Dorian Hernandez used her pace to cut inside but the San Luis defence managed to come and deal with it.

Club America looked dangerous in the build-up play but just couldn’t quite find the final pass to get in behind the San Luis defence. A long-range shot for Club America made the San Luis goalkeeper dive but see it wide as the opening minutes didn’t quite have the quality needed.

It was the 16th minute when Jocelyn Orejel beautifully broke up the wing and used her skill and quick feet to beat a few defenders before picking out Dorian Hernandez who floated the ball expertly into the box and a perfectly timed header by Betsy Cuevas who almost in slow motion waited for the ball before heading it into the top corner making it 1-0 to Club America. After the goal Club America seem to calm down the play a little bit and were confident on the ball, which led to a free-kick being floated into the box and with Ana Lozada at the back post it just went past her head. It beat everyone as the ball into the box was almost too good on the 20th minute. A lot of the breaks were nearly attacks which included some great skill and feet by Dorian Hernandez but the ball had already gone out of play. San Luis had a rare attack as they countered but Jocelyn Orejel dealt with it with confidence and calm.

The only time that Jaidy Gutierrez touched the ball was to spread the play across the defence. Club America came close with Ana Lozada getting free but couldn’t direct her header on goal. But it wasn’t long America doubled their lead. A ball forwards saw Dorian Hernandez with a cheeky flick through to the on running Selene Valera who used her pace to break through and unleashed the shot. The first angle looked like it had hit the inside of the post and bounced back out to Betsy Cuevas but on the replay, you can see the placement of the shot was perfect as the ball had hit the inside/bottom of the upright and a glorious goal by Selene Valera. Club America were good for their 2-0 lead on the 38th minute.

A free-kick to Alt San Luis was the first time Jaidy Gutierrez had to make a save and she did comfortably with her chest and feet. It was nearly 3-0 when Daniela Espinosa breaks through and puts the ball across for Betsy Cuevas but she couldn’t set her feet quick enough as the half came to an end with Club America having a 2-0 lead without Jaidy Gutierrez making a real save. They were in control of the game without coming up against much trouble.

Like the first half, the second half started going the same way with Club America having the possession but not creating much in front of goal. Jennifer Munoz put pressure on the defender and stole the ball and her lofted shot beat the goalkeeper but just flew over the bar as it went close from Munoz just before the hour mark. A beautiful ball across the box saw the Alt San Luis defender push Daniela Espinosa in the back as she leapt to head the ball, the referee pointed straight to the penalty spot for Club America. Daniela Espinosa placed the ball on the spot and hit the penalty hard into the back of the net giving Club America a 3-0 lead and surely the 3 points with how the game had gone so far.

Jocelyn Orejel has some incredible feet and pace as she showed once again with a 1-2 that saw her unleash a shot but it was straight at the San Luis goalkeeper.  A break up the wing for San Luis saw a lofted ball into the box and as the first player miss kicked the effort it fell to the player running in from the wing and as she hit the ball it deflected off Ana Lozada hand which took the ball over the diving Jaidy Gutierrez and struck off the underside of the bar. The ball rebounded out to the player that was in the box with the goal being given it was 3-1 to Club America. The replay showed why Jaidy Gutierrez wasn’t happy as the player that put the rebound in was offside when the shot was taken, so the goal should have been cancelled out.

Club America nearly hit straight back as a shot is saved well by the San Luis goalkeeper down low to her far post. Some unsure defending and a ball over the top see’s Jaidy Gutierrez have to come out of her box and clear the ball but as she does the Alt San Luis attacker clatters into her leaving both needing some treatment but the brave and courageous Jaidy gets back to her feet.  Club America seemed to lose a bit of confidence as a rare mistake by Ana Lozada saw a bad back pass that Jaidy Gutierrez had to quickly and skillfully deal with. Club America made a change on the 70th minute as Dalia Molina came on for Marlyn Campa.

Both teams were looking for the important next goal that would make it 4-1 or 3-2 with Jaidy Gutierrez making a save from long range, while Hernandez had an effort go just wide of the post. One again Jocelyn Orejel turned defence into attack as she had done beautifully all game but the attack came to nothing. A long-range free-kick was wasted by San Luis as Jaidy Gutierrez came to collect the ball calmly to slow the game down. San Luis were starting to build pressure as Club America tried to see out the final minutes. Another ball over the top saw Jaidy Gutierrez once again have to come out as sweeper-keeper to make sure the attack didn’t come to anything. America were trying to keep the ball as the final 5 minutes were ticking away with Jennifer Munoz showing her tenacity to win the ball back and keep it.

On the 88th minute the score became 3-2 as an incredible finish by the San Luis player hit the ball powerfully and expertly into the top corner but in the build-up to the play an obvious foul was missed by the referee as the defender tried to clear it the attacker bundled straight into her. But taking nothing away from the finish it was an incredible goal and made the final minutes of the game very interesting as Club America were fully in control but were now worrying through the final minutes of the game. Janae Gonzalez replaced Jennifer Munoz in the 90th minute for fresh legs and waste some time.

The final whistle went and Club America could breathe a breath of relief as they won the game 3-2 that they had been in control of for so long. 6 points from 2 games was a great start for Club America though as they try to build throughout the season. My player of the match would have been either Jocelyn Orejel or Dorian Hernandez both players pushed Club America forward and used the wings well to create throughout the game.

Photo: @AmericaFemenil

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