Match Report: Queretaro 1-2 Club America

Club America travel to Queretaro in their change kit in the black and white as gameday 7 gets underway, as always a massive thanks to the person streaming on YouTube for the fantastic content so we can watch as the game kicks off at 11pm. America looking to build and kickstart their season.
The game gets underway with both teams looking to make an impact early on. The first effort of the game comes from Sofia Alvarez as she hits a long range effort and Natalia Acuna is nearly caught out in the sun but thankfully gets a strong hand on it to tip over the bar, but Queretaro on the front foot in the first 5 minutes of the game. On the 10th minute Eva Gonzalez takes aims on the edge of the box and hits a wonderblast into the top corner giving Club America the 0-1 lead, Eva doesn’t just score normal goals. Some great play by Daniela Espinosa sees Daniela Flores nearly get free to create the effort but the Queretaro defence does well to make sure the goal isn’t under any real threat. 
Queretaro nearly get in behind the Club America defence as a ball is lifted in dangerous position in the box but thankfully for America, Lizette Rodriguez can’t get it under control as it cannons off her thigh behind for a goal kick on the 18th minute. Queretaro are trying to force their way back into the game as Club America are having to do some defending. Both teams getting forward and having attempts but nethier team can make the other keeper create a save as Daniela Espinosa wins the ball back and trys a cheeky chip but it goes straight to the Queretaro keeper. Natalia Acuna saves from long range as the score remains 0-1 with 30 mins being played.  
The ball falls to Mayra Pelayo in the box as she hits it the Queretaro defender manages to get in front of it too block the ball and divert it behind for a corner on the 35th minute, Club America keep the pressure on as Jocelyn Orejel has her effort headed off the line from the following corner. Club America come close but can’t find the second with a sustained bout of pressure as we enter the final 5 minutes of the half. A big mistake not once but twice a the back for Queretaro isn’t punished as Daniela Flores gets stopped by Diana Garcia in the Queretaro goal. Nearly an equaliser as Brenda Viramontes drives a shot across goal but just wide of the target. But the half time whistle comes with Club America still winning 0-1 from Eva Gonzalez wonderblast.
Club America come out on the front foot with Daniela Espinosa trying to lead the attack to Queretaro with her quick feet while forcing a corner and Queretaro to back track early on in the second half. Queretaro counter but Natalia Acuna comes out to claim the ball and stop the attack. A good move by Queretaro as Lizette Rodriquez gets free but hits her effort straight at Natalia Acuna. A long range effort on the volley is well hit and doesn’t go too far over from Betzy Cuevas who shows some great technique on the 55th minute. Lizette Gonzalez does well in the box once again but a fantastic tackle from Ana Lozada sees the ball rebound off Lizette behind for a goal kick. 
Club America their own worst enemies as in the last few games with some kamikaze defending but thankfully as the hour mark surpasses the defending wasn’t punished as it remains 0-1 to America. Both teams can’t really progress from the middle of the pitch for a period of the game where both teams are knocking on the door but can’t quite break it down. On the 70th minute Mayra Pelayo tries to create something out of nothing with an acrobatic effort but it comes to nothing. Queretaro look to break in behind the defences but Monica Rodriquez read it and gets in front of Lizette Rodriquez as she looks to be in behind. 
 The score becomes 0-2 as on the third attempt from Janelly Farias free kick deep into the area, as the keeper punches and the ball falls to Daniela Espinosa her effort hits the players and rebounds back to her as she hits it into the back of the net, third time lucky. 0-2 to Club America on the 78th minute and some breathing room. Lizette Rodriguez once again causes real trouble as she chips it over Natalia Acuna and just as it looks as if Lizette is about to score a fantastic sliding clearance from Janelly Farias puts it over the bar. A penalty given on the 81st minute as Daniela Espinosa comes through the back of the attacker and it all kicks off outside the box as the referee try’s to get control of the game. Lizette Rodriguez steps up and smashes the ball home to make the game 1-2 with 8 minutes remaining on the clock.
Mayra Pelayo was stretchered off from her injury moments before which always a horrible sight to see and really hope that Mayra is ok and it’s nothing to serious with also having to see Montserrat Hernandez come off injured early in the game too. On the 86th minute something you don’t see very often but the referee is taken out by a pass which they reshow on the coverage. As we enter the final 2 minutes plus injury time can Club America hold onto the 3 points or can Queretaro revive a point. Diana Garcia is called into action a fantastic save late on in the game as Club America looked for their third in the 89th minute, after Janelly Farias header hit the post. As the 4 minutes tick over the full time whistle goes with Club America picking up the 3 points with a 1-2 win. 
Queretaro – Diana Garcia, Alejandra Calderon, Marypaz Gonzalez, Alondra Camargo, Sofia Alvarez, Martiza Maldonado, Fatima Servin, Jazmin Enrigue, Lizette Rodriguez, Brenda Viramontes, Mayra Santana.
Subs – Leidy Ramos for Brenda Viramontes (45), Adriana Orozco for Marypaz Gonzalez (45), Karym Iturbe for Martiza Maldonado (67), Daniela Sanchez for Alejandra Calderon (84)
Club America – Natalia Acuna, Jocelyn Orejel, Ana Lozada, Janelly Farias, Monica Rodriguez, Mayra Pelayo, Betzy Cuevas, Eva Gonzalez, Montserrat Hernandez, Daniela Flores, Daniela Espinosa. 
Subs – Jen Munoz for Montserrat Hernandez (38), Diana Garcia for Daniela Flores (67), Dalia Molina for Mayra Pelayo (82)
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