‘Three Lionesses’ by Lucozade Sport

England’s most famous football song, ‘Three Lions’, has been rewritten with a Lionesses twist to inspire the nation to get behind the England Women’s team ahead of the imminent Women’s World Cup.

Lucozade Sport has reworked the original song as part of its campaign to inspire support for the Lionesses this summer. The ad tells the story of female footballers overcoming prejudices to make it to the international stage.

With the endorsement of the Baddiel and Skinner, the team have cleverly substituted the likes of Nobby Stiles Jordan Nobbs (Nobbsy) and Bobby Moore have been replaced by Reading‘s Jade Moore in an effort to make the women as household names.

While attending the launch event, one of the brains behind the whole campaign, Claire Keaveny, who is head of marketing at Lucozade Sport, described to me “We’re proud to be able to give it a Lionesses twist in support of the team and the women’s game in general. Our aim is to stir up support for the Lionesses, but also inspire a generation to get moving and try football.”

The ad features Lucy Bronze taking an ice bath like a boss, although maybe there are a few outtakes of that? You can also see Toni Duggan, Nikita Parris and Izzy Christiansen who is sadly going to be missing in France. The more eagle-eyed out there will also spot the unmistakable mane of Samantha Miller.

Arsenal and England’s Jordan Nobbs said, “I know the players love the ‘Three Lionesses’ track and I hope it inspires the team to World Cup glory. This is an incredible time for women’s football as awareness and popularity continues to grow and initiatives such as the 90,000 free minutes make it easier than ever for more women to give football a go.”

Photo from @LucozadeSport
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