Disappointment in Rennes

Scotland Women's National Team. Photo from @ScotlandNT
Photos from @ScotlandNT

There was so much going for Scotland in the build-up to the game, unfortunately it was another three points dropped. Chances of progressing are very slim now.

Yes, we can blame VAR for a few decisions that didn’t go there way but the 1st half performance was the difference. There is no doubt that Shelley Kerr would have picked the right team for the right opposition. This is no average team, there are a few world-beaters in there.

The system didn’t work and they got caught out. With the chances Japan had the game should have been over at half-time.

Even though being two goals down at half-time you sensed a Poland moment. Fiona Brown rallying the players as they walked off the pitch was great to see. They are up for it, now come out and put your body on the line.

The second half started in the same vein. No changes made and you thought something needs to give, change the style be unpredictable and catch them out.

Jane Ross seemed a little isolated and often wondering. There were moments in the game where they could have used her experience and gone direct. Kerr needed to change it, introducing Claire Emslie changed the game. Her pace made Japan step back, last twenty minutes Scotland looked like scoring. Erin Cuthbert hit the woodwork and could have easily had two penalties.

Just like in Nice Scotland where the better team in the second half and had plenty of opportunities to get a draw and even possibly win it.

VAR is very unpredictable yet consistency in using it failed again.

Kim Little who had an excellent second half against England seemed to be of pace, she needed to take control. Is it nerves? as we all know she can control that midfield. Caroline Weir was the same this was her type of game, but it just didn’t work.

The introduction of Fiona Brown and Lana Clelland brought more pressure to the Japanese defence. Scotland managed to get one back with a fantastic strike. A proud moment for the player, but it came too late in the game to make an impact.

It wasn’t meant to be and Scotland suffered their 2nd defeat in six days. Despite the results you have to hold your hands up and say we lost to the better teams. England and Japan are ranked in the top ten in the world. It was never going to be easy, the frustrating part is that they could have got something from both games. This is their 1st World Cup they should be proud.

Rachel Corsie was in tears after the game but she’s not to blame as a country we win together and we lose together. This team has a great strong belief about them and carry each other on that pitch. With Argentina next Wednesday Scotland need to go out and prove there worth.

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