Match Report: Everton 1-0 Liverpool

Photo: @EvertonWomen

A Mersyside Derby in the Continental Cup where Everton Vs Liverpool at Walton Park, It was always going to be a fantastic encounter between Willie Kirk and Vicky Jepson with alot on the line.

Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah was trying to get Everton off to a fast start as she tried to get in behind but Rylee Foster had to be quick off her line to smoother the ball.

It was Boye-Hlorkah that once again was key in the opening goal in the game as a long ball over the top by Danielle Turner saw it bounce through and Boye-Hlorkah got a touch that touch it away from Rylee Foster as Izzy Christiansen who drives it into the back of the net to give Everton the 1-0 lead on the 6th minute.

Anyone would worry after a mistake and Everton taking the lead and control Liverpool might have fallen away. In the first ten minutes Liverpool couldn’t seem to find a foot in the game and Everton ran the play. Liverpool all of a sudden with Rinsola Babajide were starting to build momentum, along with Rachel Furness and Missy Bo Kearns all chipping into the attacking play. However, Rikke Sevecke and Megan Finnigan were dealing with what was thrown at them.

Liverpool were growing into the game but Poppy Pattinson was keeping them on their toes with some fantastic balls into the box just without someone to finish them off. Two different styles of play as Everton were calm and passed it around to look for a break where as Liverpool were trying to use pace and hit on the counter.

Rinsola Babajide was always an outlet and so good on the ball as she dropped her shoulder and got in behind but her effort was straight at Tinja-Riikka Korpela on the 30th minute. A huge chance for Everton came when Lucy Graham played a beautiful ball into Grace Clinton whose effort was smashed just wide of the post, a huge chance come and gone on debut. Izzy Christiansen and Rachel Furness both had efforts before the half but couldn’t quite affect the scores before the half time break. 

A substitute for Everton at half time saw Rikke Sevecke come off for Ingrid Moe Wold.

Melissa Lawley was trying to get Liverpool off to a quick start but Everton marshalled her well to make sure she couldn’t break in behind the backline.  Both teams were trying to build their way into the game as the half started with both teams unable to find a way in behind in the first 15 minutes as the hour approached.

The battle in the midfield between Rachel Furness and Damaris Egurrola was such an interesting contest throughout the game. Everton were looking to double their lead but Rachel Furness got in an important block from Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah.

Everton made a double change with Lucy Graham and Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah being replaced by Abby Leigh Stringer and Nicoline Sorensen on the 63rd minute. Liverpool were once again trying to put Everton defence’s under pressure and chasing the equaliser.

Ashley Hodson came on for Amalie Thestrup on the 68th minute.

Damaris Egurrola was so important at the back as well as at the front as she got in and headed clear from a dangerous position.

Liverpool made another change with the returning Amy Rogers coming on for Meikayla Moore as we entered the final 20 minutes. Izzy Christiansen was working so hard in the middle for Everton as well to try and create something for the attackers. Poppy Pattinson unleashed a long-range effort but it went over the bar.

Hayley Raso came on for Grace Clinton on the 78th minute. And it was nearly an instant impact as a short back pass found it’s way to Hayley Raso who shot past the keeper with her first touch and it was cleared off the line expertly by Niamh Fahey, such an important clearance with 11 minutes remaining. The following corner saw a melee in the box as it bounced around the area and as Molly Pike lifted the ball back into the box Damrias Egurolla leapt highest and her header hits the post and gets cleared by Taylor Hinds as it was in the danger zone. 

Rachel Furness was still trying but a long-range effort went wide of the target as Damaris Egurolla put pressure on her as she shot. An amazing touch by Hayley Raso as she plays a beautiful ball into Nicoline Sorensen as she leans back and lifts her effort over the bar, should really have been 2-0 to Everton but it was still game on as the last 5 minutes ticked down. Rylee Foster pulled off a great double save as she punched a cross out and saved again, as the ball broke to Hayley Raso her effort looked to go in as Becky Jane trys to clear, an unorthodox clearance off the line saw the score remain 1-0.

Everton were slowing play down and keeping the ball as Liverpool tried to chase the game as it entered the final minutes. Taylor Hinds had the final effort of the game as her effort went wind the final whistle went with Everton winning the Mersyside Derby 1-0 and taking the three points in the Continental Cup.

A really good game to watch as two different styles of play that wasn’t decided until the final whistle. Willie Kirk and Vicky Jepson set up a really interesting contest to watch.

Everton: Tinja-Riikka Korpela, Danielle Turner, Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah, Izzy Christiansen, Damaris Egurolla, Molly Pike, Lucy Graham (C), Meg Finnigan, Rikke Sevecke, Grace Clinton, Poppy Pattinson
Subs – Ingrid Moe Wold For Rikke Sevecke (45) – Abby Leigh Stringer & Nicoline Sorensen for Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah & Lucy Graham (63) – Hayley Raso for Grace Clinton (78)

Liverpool – Rylee Foster, Becky Jane, Leigh-Anne Robe, Niamh Fahey, Taylor Hinds, Missy Bo Kearns, Meikayla Moore, Melissa Lawley, Rachel Furness, Rinsola Babajide, Amalie Thestrup
Subs – Ashley Hogson for Amalie Thestrup (68) – Amy Rogers for Meikayla Moore (71)

Photo: @EvertonWomen

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