Laura Coombs Ignored Wiegman’s Call for England Selection

Photo: @Lionesses

After making her debut in October 2015, Manchester City midfielder Laura Coombs admits she accidentally let Lionesses manager Sarina Wiegman go to voicemail.

“She (Wiegman) called on my way in (to training), it was a whatsapp call and I didn’t have the number so I don’t answer anything that I don’t know.

“Then again after training in the ice bath this number rings and I was like ‘they must have my number if they’re calling me on WhatsApp and no picture came up, I just answered it and yeah the conversation happened and I was just taken a bit back but it was amazing.”

She continued to explain how her club teammate Bunny Shaw was with her in the ice bath when she answered the call, her reaction consisted of being happy and a classic “I told you so” after the City forward had believed Coombs should have been in the squad previously.

It has been three years since Coombs was last in a squad at international level, which is longer than Wiegman has been at the helm. As expected, receiving that call was unexpected.

“I was surprised because it’s been so long and I didn’t really think about the international stage anymore. I was thinking I was going to get a break during the international break but I’m really happy to be here. It was a shock, but now I’m here I’m ready to get to work.”

After being asked if she had given up on playing for her country again, she continued: “It’s not that I’d given up I think in my early years it’s all I wanted, but when you don’t get selected at some point it’s time to say ‘right I need to stop that and focus on club’ otherwise you’ll be disappointed a lot and it starts to affect you negatively so it’s amazing and such an honour that I’m here.”

“It’s weird because I’m the oldest player here and I’ve never been that player in a team before, but luckily I don’t feel old. 

“It feels really fresh, everyone’s really positive, the talent level is so high, coming into this now I’m more of a senior player and I feel more comfortable than I may have in the past.”

The Lionesses are heading to Milton Keynes, Coventry and Bristol City this week where they will take on Korea Republic, Italy and Belgium respectively. 

Photo: @Lionesses

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