An Introduction to West Bromwich Albion Women

West Bromwich Albion Women celebrating a goal

In the latest of our special series of features showcasing teams playing at all levels of women’s football, Fran Orthodoxou introduces us to West Bromwich Albion Women.

Since 71: Firstly, tell us about yourself and your role within the club?
Fran: It’s my first season here at WBA and it’s been a rollercoaster so far with the type of games we have had. I’m here to push everyone to the final whistle and to gain promotion. I have previously worked with Louis Sowe under Birmingham City reserves which was a successful season and that attracted me the most to WBA with the staff and the players they had and were signing and the atmosphere it created. I am a defensive minded player that can play along the backline and In the defensive role position in midfield.

What league is your club in and what are the aspirations for the season?
We’re currently in the National Midlands Division 1 league and have won all of our games so far which is a real confidence boost for all the players. Our aim is to carry that on and gain promotion.

Fran Orthodoxou in action for West Bromwich Albion Women

Fran Orthodoxou All photos from Ian Stevens 

Where can we see you play your home games this season?
Our home games are at Boldmere St Michael‘s in Boldmere.

Who’s the boss?
Louis Sowe is our Manager and he’s done a lot of work this season in creating an environment to get the best out of each individual and the team. With that environment settled in the group, his technical sessions bring a lot of depth and detail that we have to take into on gamedays.

How does the first team set themselves up?
With the players that we have and their strengths, we like to get the ball and attack as early as possible and be successful within that. We have a lot of players that can play very good football with their passes, movement and creativity and we will see more of that as the season goes by.

West Bromwich Albion Women boss Louis Sowe

Louis Sowe

Could you tell me about your club captain and what she brings to the team?
Our captain is Hannah George and she brings a lot of experience into the team. She’s a Left Back and loves a good hook when attacking but defensively we know we can rely on her too. Her leadership is driving the group to become better every session and we bring that onto a gameday as well.

Who should we put our money on to be top goalscorer this season?
We have two main goalscorers which are Nat Murray and Keeley Davies who are leading the scoreboard but I’m sure they will tell you as long as we reach our all-time aim this season, they won’t mind who comes out on top as they both drive each other.

West Bromwich Albion Women captain Hannah George

Hannah George 

West Bromwich Albion Women’s unsung hero - Scarlett Field

Scarlett Field

Who is the unsung hero within the squad?
Scarlett Field our Goalkeeper deserves a lot of credit since she has signed over on loan this season. Every session she is just getting better and better and it’s great to see her progressing the way she is. Her concentration in every game is second to none and when we need her she is there and she will continue to grow as a player as the season goes by.

Who is the young gun within the squad who we should watch out for this season?
Jess Davies and Kathryn Pagan have been introduced into the squad in the last few weeks and both have played their parts in us winning games. It’s great to see them both put a stamp down and compete for places.

Kathryn Pagan

Kathryn Pagan

Where can we follow the club’s progress this season?
You can find us under @WBAwomen on Twitter, West Bromwich Albion on Facebook and @WBAFCWomen on Instagram.

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