An Introduction to Fylde Ladies FC

This is the first of many features designed to introduce you to a team playing in women’s football at all levels. Who better to do it than from someone within the squad. Today Danielle Young introduces us to Fylde Ladies Football Club.

Since 71: Firstly, Can you tell us about yourself and your role within the club?
Danielle: I am into my third season with the club. I was one of the players carried over from what was previously Preston Ladies. I am club captain and my position is predominantly Right midfield. Behind the scenes in my day to day life it is very different, I work as a Technical consultant.

In my footballing career I have experienced some good highs, what stands out as my special memory and greatest achievement would be winning the Continental Cup in 2014.

Danielle Young wins the ball from Sunderland AFC Ladies’ Mollie Lambert.

What league is your club in?
We play in the Women’s National League.

Where can we see you play your home games this season?
Our home games are played at either Kallamergh Park or the Mill Farm stadium

Can you tell us about the boss, Conrad Prendergast?
When I heard the news of Conrad coming in I didn’t know much about him, though he came from a club I previously played for I had never heard of him. From the first session I knew he had the knowledge and passion with the determination to take us places. Whilst he is still much younger than a few of us he has a vast amount of knowledge and a good way of communicating it on the training pitch.

The gaffa, Conrad Prendergast.

How does the first team set themselves up?
Of course we have a favoured formation and style of play but ultimately it’s the occasion and the opposition in which we need to take into consideration. Not to change the setup but to adapt in order to win.

Could you tell me about your club captain and what she brings to the team?
This one is easy because it’s me! Becoming captain last season was a privilege for me as it was a responsibility I hadn’t had before, yes I was captain on occasions, for example, I captained Man City for my 100th appearance, but that was different as I wore the armband yes but actually most of the older players took charge. But to be given the responsibility to become the leader constantly is completely different.

I am lucky to have had fantastic Captains during my career of which I learnt from (Lindsey Savage, Charlotte Farrell and Steph Houghton) in terms of leadership but ultimately my career went from the very best time to the very worst time in a very short period, I learnt a lot in those nine months which changed my view and perception on the game that experience is what I use to inspire the others.

Brit Jackson sends the ball forward.

Nikki Berko controls the ball while with Danielle Young and Emily Hollinshead in support.

Who should we put our money on to be top goalscorer this season?
Nikki Berko, she’s a real goal threat and has been since she was younger. I remember I played with Nikki at City when I was 15 and I just broke into the first team, she was doing it back then too.

Who is the unsung hero within the squad?
For me its Hannah Forster, she is the most consistent player and has been for the past three seasons. I think she is that Centre Midfielder who does the ‘dirty work’ that no one notices. There the important ones, the engine of the squad.

Laura Merrin in action against Sunderland AFC Ladies.

Who is the young gun in the squad who we should watch out for this season?
This season we have quite a few younger players, there are a few new players too so I can’t pick out one. I’d say watch out for Sophie Charlton and Meghan Taylor both full of ability with a great attitude and willingness to learn which will ensure they progress and do well, don’t be surprised by Erin Turner either!!

Emily Hollinshead, Olivia Wild and Laura Merrin.

Where can we follow the club’s progress this season?
You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @fyldeladiesFC or by searching Fylde Ladies FC on Facebook.

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