Statement: Since 71 x Impetus and The Future

I wanted to open up about my current situation and some changes you may see going forward.

A few weeks into the season it was clear that my role as editor for Since 71 was becoming quite time-consuming. Along with the pressure of my day job, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to dedicate the time required to maintain updates on the website. I spent most evenings editing other people’s articles, sorting accreditation amongst other things and it became quite full on.

I have always been a huge fan of Ben Gilby and the incredible team behind Impetus. So the idea of Impetus 71 was floated. I was over the moon that the team behind Impetus were open to such a move and at the turn of the year, it became a reality.

Since then we have been finding our feet and trying to establish best practices to ensure that we are servicing the needs of the writing and editing teams while putting out quality content.

Overall, we have done well and I am proud to be associated with the talented team of writers, some of which are half my age have and produce work that I’d be proud to call my own because it’s frankly better than anything I could produce with input from others.

To be honest, through no one’s fault the goalposts have moved and elements of my personal life have put me in a similar position to that I found myself in at the end of last year, with everything becoming quite full on. If I am not working, looking after my two young children then I am literally found sitting in front of a laptop. My family must take priority.

I have not been able to support the writers of Impetus to the degree that I’d want to and that they deserve. It is for that reason that I have concluded that I need to step back and reduce the pressure on myself by reducing my role.

Stuart Barker, Since 71 Founder and Impetus Editor

As my role is being reduced, I have stated that it is my wish for the website to return to being known as Impetus. The name that is well respected and trusted within women’s football for the ongoing great work since its launch.

I will remain a writer on the Impetus team focusing on FA Women’s National League football and supporting the writers covering this level of football. Since 71 will become a personal website of mine so there will be content popping up on both platforms.

Because of this move, it is sensible that the two Impetus 71 Twitter accounts return to being Since 71 and Impetus respectively. For the most part readers and followers shouldn’t be impacted.

Hopefully, that goes some way to explain the current situation. On behalf of everyone involved, thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to sharing the exciting end to the season along with a summer of international football at the Olympics.

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