Since 71 Awards 2021/22 – VOTE NOW!

Full disclosure, we fully intended to launch our awards prior to the Euros but life got in the way. We’re now ready to reflect on the 2021/22 season and those most deserving of recognition. 

Sadly it’s impossible for us to recognise everyone that we’d like to and there will always be some who are entitled to disagree but overall I think we’ve put together a list of worthy contenders.

Our Gamechanger and Team of the Year awards have already been confirmed behind the scenes but we still have categories yet to be decided and we want you to get involved in deciding the destination of the trophy. 

While the usual categories of Women’s Football Journalist of the Year and Women’s Football Podcast of the Year are there, we have made one tweak, instead of having a Women’s Football Player of the Year, we are celebrating the Lionesses’ victory by having a Lionesses Player of the Season instead.

All three categories will be voted for by our panel of writers behind the scenes, with four options to choose from. First place scores four points through to fourth place which scores one. The scores within the public Twitter results are doubled so the fan’s views can have a big impact on the outcome. It goes without saying that the winner is whoever comes top in the overall score. 

We have launched the voting thread on Twitter but you can jump straight to each category below. 

If you would be so kind as to like and share the posts then that’d be appreciated so we can get a larger pool of votes as possible. The winners will be announced in the next two weeks.

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