Photo Diary: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Photo: James Giblin

Everton spoilt their rivals’ Anfield party and ended their unbeaten start to the season thanks to Megan Finnigan’s thirty-first-minute header in front of over than 23,000 spectators.

Liverpool: Laws, Koivisto, Clark, Fisk, Bonner, Hinds, Nagano, Holland, Höbinger, Kearns, Roman Haug.
Subs: Micah, Parry, Taylor, Daniels, Lundgaard, Enderby, Flint, Lawley, Matthews

Everton: Brosnan, Veje, Björn, Vanhaevermaet, Bennison, Bissell, Sørensen, Hope, Payne, Finnigan, Galli
Subs: Ramsey, Campbell, Wheeler, Duggan, Snoeijs, Holmgaard, Aherne, Olsesen

We were fortunate to have photographer James Giblin on hand to capture the action.

Photo: James Giblin
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