Photo Diary: AEK Boco Ladies vs Bitton AFC Ladies

AEK Boco Ladies came out with a big victory at home against local rivals Bitton AFC at the LA Clarke Pavilion. Bitton were placed a position above Boco in second before the game. Boco needed to win to leapfrog their opponents and climb into second place in the South West Regional Womens Football League – Northern Division and they did just that.

Boco had more possession throughout the game and were clinical with their chances. Bitton had a handful of chances of which they scored 1, but it certainly wasn’t enough to get them into the game. Boco ended up winning the game 6-1 with goal scorers from all over the pitch.

AEK Boco Ladies Goals scored by Lucy Atkinson x2, Aimee Clark x1, Jess Stirling x1 and Emilie Channing-Cone x1

We were fortunate enough to have photographer Billy East (B.East Photography) on hand to capture some of the action.

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