Match Report: Segdley & Gornal United 0-12 Leafield Athletic

A game that would always be maybe more one-sided than most as Leafield Athletic travelled to Sedgley & Gornal United. My first opinion on arriving was a nice venue to host a game, a new ground/stadium to the list. The staff were friendly and helpful as you walked through the reception and through to the pitch at the bottom.

It was a very fresh and cold day with biting wind. But once again a very warm welcome and reception from the staff and players at Leafield Athletic, something that truly reminds you the beauty of grassroots football and something you lose sometimes with a higher level. Adrian Clements, Darren Wilkie, Sarah Jackson and Tracie Clements are always so welcoming and never goes unnoticed and the players never fail to throw a smile and say hey as well. A local team that deserves more coverage and exposure for sure. But onto the game.

The game got underway and it was quite obvious early on the two league difference between the two teams. Leafield right now are playing some of the best football I’ve ever seen them play when had a chance to watch them. Quick build-up with confidence on the ball coming out from the back is something you will see from the team. You can’t fault Sedgley & Gornal United for effort at all though as they tried to compete and match up against Leafield Athletic. 

In the first half, Daisy-Mai Clements was running them ragged up the wing her turn of pace and touch while getting the ball into the dangerous positions. It was 0-5 by half time with Leafield putting the pressure on and anytime it come near their backline the confidence and calm of Georgia Harris saw them back on the attack in no time. 

In the second half, you could think that Sedgley & Gornal United could have folded and lacked effort but even though Leafield Athletic were clinical you could never fault Sedgley’s effort. Even with substitutes, Leafield kept on pushing in a professional performance. 

Leafield scored another 7 goals in the second half pushing them towards a 0-12 victory. Daisy-Mai Clements made me wait for her goals but scored two in a short time. The other stand out players were Chloe Barker-Duthie who bagged herself a hat-trick and Chloe Shirley who was fantastic on the ball and off it. But overall the whole team did a real job on and off the ball to make sure they didn’t drop even while in pure control.

A massive shoutout to Sedgley & Gornal United though because after the game had finished and they had lost 0-12 they still gave Leafield 3 cheers, which shows a sign of class and is something that is really nice to see.

Goals – briggs (9), Duthie (12,35,48), Godwin (16), Shirley (38), Johnson (60,80,81), Clements (59,65).

Photo: Adam Nunn

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