Match Report: Cruz Azul 0-2 Club America Femenil

It finally came around with a 10 pm kick-off on a Friday night (UK time) in the second game since the restart after Chivas beat Juarez 0-4 in the opening game. It’s so fantastic to see the Liga MX Femenil season return after the original one was cut short with the COVD-19 pandemic. My background into watching the league was by looking on YouTube and catching up on all the past action waiting for the new season to begin. The starting line up was pleasing to see Jaidy Gutierrez in goal and Jana Gutierrez on the wing.

Photo: @AmericaFemenil

In the opening minutes, both teams were working hard to get on top of the game and take the advantage but it wasn’t until the 9th minute that the first real chance came. A long ball whipped across the box from Dorian Hernandez came to the edge of the box and Jennifer Munoz used her tenacity to get her foot in before the defender could clear, as she ran through and hit the ball on the half volley as it found the bottom corner leaving the Cruz Azul goalkeeper picking the ball out of her net as Club America took a 0-1 lead.

Cruz Azul tried to hit back with a pop shot from outside the area but Jaidy Gutierrez watched the ball sail high and wide. Club America were calm on the ball and tried to build but after the water break it seemed as if Cruz Azul were growing more into the game. A mistake at the back saw Jaidy Gutierrez have to dive quickly covering the post as the ball flew wide of the target on the 33rd minute.

Cruz Azul were building the pressure on their opponents but Club America were dealing with it best they could as a dangerous cross left Jaidy Gutierrez to sprawl and punched the ball away from the player running in at the back post and came out and collected the following corner, soaking up the pressure. Some good strong play by Jocelyn Orejel and Ana Lozada. A long ball over the top showed how dangerous Jana Gutierrez can be with the ball as she broke through and hit the shot that was pushed wide of the post. From the following corner Daniela Espinosa showed her technique as the corner found her at the back post as she struck the ball it cannoned back off the bar and the follow up was saved well by the Cruz Azul goalkeeper.

Cruz Azul hit Club America on the counter and a lobed cross nearly caught out Jaidy Gutierrez but she got across again to punch the ball away from the oncoming attacker, at this stage the pace of the game was incredible as it was end to end throughout the first half with both teams trying to add to the goal tally. Cruz Azul looked to get in behind the defence but Jaidy Gutierrez came out bravely to collect the ball at the feet of the Cruz Azul attacker.
It was Club America that once again nearly added the second goal of the game as Daniela Espinosa clattered the bar for a second time as she cut inside and unleashed a fantastic effort but somehow the score remained 0-1. The fast-paced action was brought to a hault so the players and referee could catch their breath as Jana Gutierrez caught a Cruz Azul player while the player needed some treatment. The half time whistle came with the score somehow still at 0-1 to Club America with the goal from Jennifer Munoz goal being the difference between the teams.

Half Time – 0-1 Club America – Jennifer Munoz

Ana Lozada makes a block earlier on as the Cruz Azul player finds herself on the edge of the box and it hits Ana straight in the face but after a second or two she jumps up and smiles as she seems a bit dazed.

Seconds later Jaidy Gutierrez hits the ball long as Club America are on the counter-attack, as the ball finds Dorian Hernandez, she plays Daniela Espinosa in and just as it looks like the score is going to be 0-2 the Cruz Azul goalkeeper saves the ball with her face and is down needing treatment. Just like Lozada, the Cruz Azul goalkeeper shows her toughness and grit as she gets to her feet with a bloody lip ready to continue the game. Some quick and clever play nearly works out for Club America as the ball goes for a corner. The following corner finds Jana Gutierrez at the back post but her connection isn’t as she’d of wished as the ball goes wide of the goal.

Jana Gutierrez has been working hard on and off the ball all game, after a few fouls in the first half and her catching the Cruz Azul player late she was on a final warning from the referee.

Cruz Azul go close as a through ball finds the attacker but her shot goes flashing past the outside of the post. Daniela Espinosa shows her skills as she hits a fantastic through ball under pressure but Dorian Hernandez scuffs her effort as the ball goes wide of the target.

On the 58th minute, Jana Gutierrez was replaced by Dalia Molina. On the hour mark, the game seemed to cool down a little as the teams tired a bit and both teams looking to build and score the next goal which could be so key to the outcome of the game.

A dangerous free-kick for Cruz Azul as Jaidy Gutierrez gets her wall ready for the game but the free-kick is seen wide of the goal as Jaidy Gutierrez dives but pulls out as it goes wide of the target on the 65th minute.

Dorian Hernandez picks out Daniela Espinosa but her finishing for the first time in the game lets her down for once as her effort flys wildly over the bar. Betzy Cuevas came on for Marlyn Campa on the 71st minute. A long-range effort from Cruz Azul number 17 saw the ball lofted towards the goal that made Jaidy Gutierrez punch the ball over the bar.

Cruz Azul kept coming and another long-range effort saw Jaidy Gutierrez keep hold of the ball as she was trying to keep her opening day clean sheet.

Cruz Azul piled on the pressure and made Jaidy Gutierrez make another save with a quick reaction to make sure Cruz Azul couldn’t get in behind her as the ball cannoned off the player’s legs.

Cruz Azul started picking up yellow cards in the last minutes as they were trying to win the ball back. Ana Lozada was impressed as once again she made the block when it would have been a chance to pull the trigger. Club America tried to keep possession while trying to stay strong at the back and deal with Cruz Azul as they tried to attack.

Daniela Espinosa picked out Dalia Molina who whipped the ball back across the box with a lofted cross that saw Daniela Espinosa beat the keeper to it with a deft header that found the back of the Cruz Azul goal giving Club America a 0-2 lead on the 86th minute. Daniela Espinosa deserved her goal throughout the game as well. Jennifer Munoz was replaced by Janae Gonzalez and Monica Rodriguez was replaced by Marcela Valeraon the 89th minute.

Cruz Azul seemed to run out of gas as a very long-range shot on the 93rd minute was saw wide by Jaidy Gutierrez. But the final attack of the game came to nothing as Jaidy Gutierrez had the final touch with the ball at her feet as the final whistle went and Club America came out with a 0-2 win with goals from Jennifer Munoz and Daniela Espinosa.

Full Time – Cruz Azul 0-2 Club America Femenil – Munoz, Espinosa.

Player Of The Match – Daniela Espinosa – Daniela showed her class at times, her quick thinking and touch only added to her technique as the game went on. A real talent for Club America. Scored the second goal but could have had a few more throughout the game on a different day.

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