An Introduction to Plymouth Argyle

In the latest of our special series of features showcasing teams playing at all levels of women’s football, I catch up with Bow Jackson as she introduces me to her team, Plymouth Argyle.

Since 71: Firstly, tell us about yourself and your role within the club? 
Bow: So I started at Plymouth Argyle at the age of 15 and stayed there until I was 18. From here I went to Yeovil Town and now have returned back to Devon. I’m happy playing as a defender, either full back or centre half.

What league is your club in and what are the aspirations for the season? 
We are currently in the FA Women’s National League South, but as a club we are continuing to grow on and off the field am are seriously pushing for promotion.

Where can we see you play your home games this season?
Our home pitch is Manadon Sports Hub (PL5 3FD) however we are also playing at Home Park Stadium against Watford in December.

Bow Jackson. Photo: @TimBadgerPhotos

Who’s the boss?
The boss is Dave Leonard. Someone I have known for years, and irritatingly is always right, but we won’t tell him that. He is extremely passionate to the sport, a great mind and understanding towards the female athlete and game, and brings out the best in our squad because of the respect we have for him.

Dave Leonard. Photo: @TimBadgerPhotos

How does the first team set themselves up? 
Our style and set up is constantly evolving, as players we are developing, our staff is constantly striving to better themselves and our club. The overall understanding of how we play and what we want to do is something that continues to grow as the season progresses.

Could you tell me about your club captain and what she brings to the team?
Katie Middleton, A.K.A ‘Princess’, this is her 21st season at Argyle. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, a true legend in our squad and continues to show us all why she wears the captain band.

Who should we put our money on to be top goal scorer this season? 
Definitely Natasha Knapman, she has been top goal scorer for so many seasons and continues to give us the goals we need at the vital times. An absolute pain to mark at training and someone that is never ‘the quiet one’ on the bus, but will always be the first to give us an update on Strictly Come Dancing!

Natasha Knapman and Rebecca Dandridge. Photo: @TimBadgerPhotos

Who is the biggest joker that always brings a smile to the faces of their teammates or just simply just the most annoying prankster?
Honesty there are a lot of contenders for this, Zoe Cunningham will always make everyone laugh, but I’m not sure it’s always for the right reasons. Kayley Lane struggles to keep up with this century, coming from the deepest depths of Cornwall, but somehow will always come on the bus with new sweets and a barrel of laughs. Then you have Mollie Taylor, that will give out one-liners anyone would struggle to keep a straight face as well.

Who is the unsung hero within the squad? 
Rebecca Dandridge, quick, intelligent and a tidy player. Someone you will never describe as being arrogant or loud but you would miss them greatly if they weren’t within the team. She is a real talent and strength to have in any squad.

Who is the young gun within the squad who we should watch out for this season? 
Our youngest is Faye Ivall, a player who has worked her way through the youth development and is showing others the pathway Argyle has to offer. A great, young, and hard working player that is eager to learn and develop her understanding of the game. She is quick and a good technical player which I have no doubt will be someone to look out for in the future.

Zoe Cunningham. Photo: @TimBadgerPhotos

Where can we follow the club’s progress this season? 
We have a great following on our Twitter, Instagram as well as (@ArgyleLFC). As well as Facebook channels with more exciting material out soon.

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