WSL Outcome Decided, Chelsea Crowned Champions

Photo: @Emily.Murphy001

After announcing that the seasons of the top two flights of women’s football had officially ended, The FA have today declared that Chelsea and Aston Villa have won the Women’s Super League and the Women’s Championship respectively.

Following their previous statement cancelling the season, The FA made it clear that the final tables would be resolved on a “sporting merit”. However, the association gave no indication as to what method would be used to achieve this, or whether the season would conclude with promotion and relegation.

Today it has been announced that the tables have been finalised using a basic Points Per Game (PPG) system.This has been calculated by dividing the number of points each team has, by the number of games they have played, to provide an average across the season.

Using this system has meant that there has been movement amongst the top three teams in the WSL. The season has hence finished with Arsenal in third place and Manchester City in second, with Chelsea taking the title. Chelsea and Manchester City have also qualified for the 2020/2021 Champions League. At the other end, the table remained static, and Liverpool have been relegated.

Retaining their steady lead, Aston Villa have won the Championship above Sheffield United and Durham. Aston Villa have been promoted to the WSL. At the bottom of the table, Charlton Athletics’ position in the Championship has been spared. They will not be relegated due to the earlier expungement of the National Leagues.

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