Spotlight On Ellie Roebuck

Photo: @ManCityWomen

Blossoming throughout the season with a record that has put her at the top of the table, plus an international call up for the She Believes Cup, Manchester City and England goalkeeper Ellie Roebuck is lining herself up for big things.

Being arguably the most important player on the pitch, goalkeepers can endure a cruel business. With nowhere to hide, keepers must clean up messes left by sloppy play but are very often overlooked for their efforts. Yet, when a mistake is made, keepers tend to find themselves firmly under the magnifying glass. And so, filling in for a number one is an onerous task. There are limited alternatives if things do not work out as expected. Yet, it is a prime opportunity to showcase, not only one’s technical abilities but also to illustrate their character in coping under pressure. The options for the keeper called up are, quite simply, step up or step aside. And in this case, Ellie Roebuck has certainly risen to the occasion.

Ellie Roebuck has all the makings of a world class keeper. A keen eye for an incoming play, paired with an instinctual aptitude to be quick off the mark, Roebuck has absolutely flourished over the past few months. Her assertiveness in times of danger, and her nerve to stick to her guns, has seen Roebuck look unstoppable at times.

Roebuck is bold with her decisions. With a clear vision in reading a range of situations, she is adept in her response. Whether it is a standing, kneeling or diving save, Roebuck wholeheartedly throws herself into her decision and usually gets it right. Quick to her feet after stopping a shot, Roebuck is always alert to the next threat, covering the goal remarkably well, even when the danger is seemingly unrelenting. Yet even when things do not go her way, Roebuck shows no signs of discontent, demonstrating a resilience of the highest order.

Crucially, Roebuck is unafraid to actively join her defence when the time calls. She does not hesitate to come off of her line when it is needed. However, she demonstrates an exceptional intellect in not doing so unnecessarily, trusting in the capabilities of her outfield counterparts. When it comes to set pieces, Roebuck is comfortable in orchestrating her defence. She is assured in coordinating her teammates to the optimum positioning of which she sees fit, demonstrating the essential communicative skills needed in a keeper to put your confidence in.  

At just 20, Roebuck’s age is not a hindrance to her. Rather it is a blessing for her future potential. Her youth does not inhibit her and she is more than capable of keeping up with the demand of players with far more experience. In fact, it is Roebuck that has kept these players in the game on occasion. Putting in consistently strong performances, Roebuck has most certainly been, not only a standout player at her club, but a standout player of the league; her call up for international duty is surely just the beginning. Already possessing the vital basic skills needed in goalkeeping at a top-level, Roebuck really does hold an enormous amount of promise in her hands.

There is no doubt that Ellie Roebuck is swaying the hopes of young girls and boys across the country. Those who were once aspiring to score goals are now dreaming of stopping them.

Ellie Roebuck – our future number one.

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