Since 71 Podcast – S03E12 Ajani from 3 Lance Media

After a short break from recording, we’re back and while there is no football being played we wanted to look at other aspects of the women’s game. I’m really pleased to bring you my conversation with Ajani from 3 Lance Media. 

Ajani has recently produced a five-episode series titled Throw In The Kitchen Sink available via YouTube. Each episode focuses on important issues affecting the women’s game – Sexism and Sexuality, Broadcasting Issues, Black Representation, Agency and Professionalism and Equal Pay. 

If you’ve not watched them yet then I fully encourage you to do so. I have linked the first episode below and from there you should be able to find the rest from yourself. Although you don’t need to have seen the series period to listening to the episode, it works well as an intro or an Attenborough style ‘Making Of’ to compliment it. 

The latest episode of the podcast is linked below and available on all leading podcast providers. We encourage you to subscribe to automatically receive future episodes and if you like what you hear then be sure to share this episode and leave a review as it raises our presence within podcast lists. 

Linked below you can catch episode one focusing on sexism within the world of women’s football, with experiences and stories from all aspects of that game.

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