Preview: Lotte Wubben-Moy Talks Lionesses

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I was a part of the Lionesses‘ Virtual Media Day on Tuesday and was able to hear from Lotte Wubben-Moy. The 22-year-old joined Arsenal from the American college North Carolina Tarr Heels (UNC) and has made quite the impact to the Arsenal side. This season so far she has made seventeen appearances, had eight clean sheets and scored two goals. In September Lotte received her first senior call up and is hoping to get minutes in the upcoming friendlies against France and Canada.

She said, “This is my first of hopefully many international fixture camps so I’m excited for what’s to come and I definitely think that being able to play Grade A opposition helps in setting up the tone for the camp and the atmosphere that’s created amongst the team.”

Hege Riise recently described Lotte as mature, even though she is young, as well as calm and focused. Lotte’s response to that was: “It’s funny, I don’t love talking about myself. To me, I’m just me and beyond that if I come across as mature then happy days but I think I just try to lead the way in the only way I know and I think that’s reflective of the leaps I’ve taken through the youth age groups and the way England has nurtured me as a player and hopefully I can continue to use what I’ve learnt as a youngster here on the big stage and continue to progress.”

Ahead of the upcoming game against France she was asked how she was feeling about it. “I’m excited. If I get the opportunity to play I’m obviously going to take it with two hands but I think there’s good vibes in the camp and we’re all just excited to finally have the opportunity to play another game of football. after what’s been such a long amount of time.”

It was made transparent by the coaches that to be picked for the Team GB squad the players need tight fitness levels, playing good minutes but also a good mental resilience. About building a good mental resilience Lotte said it was something that England the England teams do well. “Through the youth we’re put on the biggest stage from such a young age through Euros, through World Cups and I feel lucky that I’ve actually experienced a World Cup at the Under 17 age group so whether it’s conscious or not I think we’re lucky we’re a nation that is on the world stage and that we are getting the opportunities to play such big games. through these games, wins, loses, ties, that’s when you really build the mental resilience.”

One of the things the US National Team takes pride in is their mental strength when they play big games. Lotte was over in America for a while and was asked if she picked up on any of that mental strength whilst being over there and if she could bring that over to the English side. “I feel lucky to have been coached by Anson Dorrance. He’s a legend in the game and playing at UNC I was obviously exposed to the highest level of collegiate football. Some people may think it’s a step down from the WSL and without a doubt it’s not professional football but you do seem to gain so much more experience off the pitch. But yeah without a doubt the Americans are a different breed and when I say different breed it’s not to say that they’re superior to the English because we have so many other qualities that make us one of the World’s best. I feel lucky I was coached under Anson Dorrance and I do feel like I’ve sort of added that to my armoury.”

[blockquote text=”I came on about 20 minutes after Ella Toone and I’ve been playing with her through all the under 17s, under 15s age groups so to do it with a fellow youngster like Ella was amazing and I think that’s what epitomises my experiences as an England player.” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#dd3333″]

Another thing that was mentioned was her senior debut. Lotte made her debut when she came on in the friendly against Northern Ireland when England came out as 6-0 winners. “Oh, it was amazing. I came on about 20 minutes after Ella Toone and I’ve been playing with her through all the under 17s, under 15s age groups so to do it with a fellow youngster like Ella was amazing and I think that’s what epitomises my experiences as an England player. The fact that I’m doing it with such amazing young women around the whole country and we all come together for this common goal of winning, pushing each other and doing it for our country which is amazing, so that feeling was probably 6-7 years in the making and you dream of it as a kid and you dream of it when your playing in the Under 17s and under 15s. I think it gives you so much confidence in the set up, the FA do it so well. I’m excited for the next generations coming up.”

Since coming back to Arsenal she said the players have helped her and she thinks she’s found her feet. “I definitely feel like I’ve landed on my feet. I’ve been cautious not to say the word luck because I like to think you create your own luck but some opportunities have arisen for me at Arsenal and I’ve taken them with two hands. I think I’ve done a good job and I feel lucky that I’m in a team with such amazing players who’ve ushered me to sort of feel comfortable in that position. Obviously coming back from the States it’s a big jump from collegiate to professional football but I’m relishing these opportunities and I feel like the more minutes I can play the more opportunities I get. I think it’s a long road ahead for me, let’s just put it that way.”

“My ultimate goal is to be playing in these tournaments, the Olympics, the Euros, the World Cups. I wanna be in the bigger stages where I can push myself and I’m excited for the prospect of that. Whether that be this year, next year, I’m really excited.”

The Lionesses travel to the Stade Michel d’Ornano in Caen to face France on Friday 9th April (8:10 pm kick-off), before returning to the UK to play Canada at the Bet365 Stadium in Stoke on Tuesday 13th April (7:15 pm kick-off).

Photo: The FA via Getty Images

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