Match Report: Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United

Photo: @ChelseaFCW

Chelsea return to the top of the table with 37 points after a victorious win against Manchester United.

This game was without doubt one of the biggest games in the season and it was clear to see both sides were determined to win the all important three points.

United dominated possession early in the game but Kerr didn’t let this stop her from trying to score twice, both saved from goalkeeper Mary Earps.

It was third time lucky for Kerr. Lauren James made an unbelievable assist with Sam Kerr timing her run to perfection and making the shot over Earps landing in the top corner of the net.

United had many chances to equalise but couldn’t quite get the ball in the back of the net. In the first half, Nikita Paris was struck down by Kadeisha Buchanan in the box however the referee carried on play not awarding a penalty which many along with Marc Skinner believed it should of been.

“The reality is we have to invest, you have to invest in the officials, we have to make sure that they can have that. You have to invest in the surrounding technology that can help. You put a lot of energy, a lot of effort into the training in the week, how we’re trying to progress and you can see our progression as a team.”

He also felt Jess Carter should of been penalised after colliding with Ona Batlle in mid air.

Skinner added “Two penalties in a game like this are massive and when I look back over the last few games, Chelsea had a goal that was offside the other night. This will make and break where you finish in the table. We talk about it balancing out well I’m hopeful that we but the reality is in that game today we should have had two penalties.”

Photos: @ChelseaFCW

Emma Hayes on the other was happier than last weekend when Chelsea were defeated by Arsenal in the Continental Cup Final.

She said “We kept a clean sheet today after a difficult and underwhelming performance last weekend against Arsenal. We don’t have a full week’s prep every week. We have to play games every three days, so it’s tremendous from the team to show. I think what we determine in house as a real Chelsea performance.“

In the second half, Manchester United were awarded a free-kick. Zelem curled the ball into the box but was saved by Berger. The Blues kept trying to double their lead whilst also stopping The Red Devils from scoring in a late equaliser.

After today’s win, Chelsea are now at the top of the Women’s Super League. Both teams will now play in The Women’s FA Cup next Sunday. Chelsea will face Reading at Select Car Leasing Stadium with a 2 pm kick-off and Manchester United will face Lewes at The Dripping Pan with a 12:30 pm kick-off.

Chelsea: Berger, Perisset, Carter, Ingle, Buchanan, Bright, James (Rytting Kaneryd 62’), Leupolz, Kerr, Fleming (Erkisson 75’), Charles (Mjelde 90+).

Subs: Cankovic, Abdullina, Musovic.

Goals: Kerr 23’.

Manchester United: Earps, Batlle, Blundell, Zelem, Le Tissier, Turner, Parris (Mannion 82’), Ladd (Garcia 90’), Russo, Toone (Williams 72’), Galton (Thomas 71’).

Subs: Cascarino, Baggaley, Bøe Risa, Thorisdóttir, Naalsund.

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