Match Report: Bristol City 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Photo: JMPUK

A crowd of 639 turned up to watch Bristol City’s narrow defeat against Tottenham Hotspur after Kit Graham scored two great goals within two minutes.

Spurts started the game very well dominating possession and creating many chances which just couldn’t find the back of the net.

Towards the middle of the first half the game started to even out. On the 25th minute Bristol’s Olivia Chance had a shot on the edge of the box but it went just wide.

The score line opened on the 39th minute when the Robin’s Abi Harrison made no mistake firing home.

Just after the hour mark Kit Graham’s fabulous strike from twenty-five yards flew straight into the top corner giving Tottenham the equaliser.

A minute after Graham have Tottenham the lead after another great strike which went straight past Bristol goalkeeper Sophie Baggaley.

Three minutes later Spurs had a chance to have a two goal lead after Yana Daniels fouled Rachel Furness in the box. Furness stepped up and took the penalty but Baggaley came to Bristol’s rescue and made a fine save to keep the score 2-1.

Towards the end of the game Bristol were looking for an equaliser but were not able to which meant Tottenham came away with all 3 points.

Bristol City: Baggaley, Dykes (Allen, 65), Evans, Matthews, Brown (C), Humphrey (Wilson, 80), Daniels (Salmon, 68), Wellings, Sargeant, Harrison, Chance.
Subs: Cumings, Van Der Linden, Reilly, Robinson

Spurs: Spencer, Percival, Godfrey, Filbey, Worm, Green (C), Peplow, Furness, Quinn, Graham, Dean
Subs: Haines, Wynne, Neville, Ayane, Schillachi, Leon, Addison

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