Interview: Moneyfields’ Kau’inohea Taylor

Photo: Sheena Booker

Since moving from Eastleigh to Moneyfields, Kau’inohea Taylor has cemented her status as one of the most dangerous forwards in the National League’s fourth tier.

In her debut season with Moneys, Taylor ended the season with eleven goals from her eighteen appearances. This season, KT as she is known by teammates, has taken her game to another level, scoring twenty-one goals and with five games left of the season there is still time to add to that tally. I was fortunate to have some time with KT to discuss the season so far from her perspective.

Since 71: Congratulations on a fantastic season so far. What were your expectations prior to the start of the season? 
Taylor: Thank you very much. Yes, so far so good. The only “expectations” I had before the season were those set on myself; things like work rate, commitment, and consistently bettering myself. I try to keep my expectations focused on those types of things, things I can control. Positive results should become a subsequent outcome when my focus is in the right places. 

How has your overall game changed this season compared to last?
Last season was about finding my place at this club and on this team, getting my feet under me, learning our style of play, impacting when possible, and building relationships with my teammates. This season I was able to capitalize on that and start to apply pressure on myself, grow in confidence, and take a more commanding role in my position. The biggest change this season from last has just been that mentality shift. 

Has there been one particular highlight for you this season? 
The highlight of my season thus far has been our FA Cup run. Not necessarily any game in particular, however, the London City game was definitely one to remember. That aside, it was more the overarching theme of the cup run as a whole, getting to watch and experience the girls really believe– in one another but also in what was possible for us as a group; an incredible thing to be a part of. 

Can you talk me through your goal against Millwall? This is arguably your most important goal so far this season.
The goal against Millwall wasn’t my prettiest goal but for sure it was an important one. I was pleased to get on the scoresheet of course, but the result was the highlight of the day. As a team, we did a great job of holding a tough side goalless and did what was needed to push through to the next round. 

How have your teammates helped you develop this season? 
I am very lucky to be surrounded by an incredibly talented group of girls that work hard and bring a lot of experience to the table for me to learn from and work off of. My team has also helped my development by allowing me to feel like an integral part of the group; I think it’s so important in a team that each member feels like they’re valued and of importance to the group in order to get the full potential out of everyone as a player. My team does an exceptional job of that and that has helped me more than can be quantified. 

Who has been the toughest opponent faced so far this season? 
Every time we play the other top-table teams (Exeter or Bournemouth) or any teams from the league above (Pompey or London City) it’ll be a great game, and I’m always proud of how our team rises to those occasions. That being said, even when we play lower-level opposition, we challenge ourselves to still play to the level we know we’re capable of and continue to implement our team’s identity on the game–that can sometimes prove quite challenging for us. 

Photo: Sheena Booker

How important is it for the players that your newly refurbished home stadium, the John Jenkins Stadium, opens before the end of the season? 
John Jenkins Stadium being open before the end of the season is of huge importance to us. It has been an underrated struggle to consistently lack a home field advantage at any of our games. Having consistency in a home ground means a lot to a team and the success they’re capable of and I think the prospect of having that is really exciting to us as a team. 

Let’s have a little bit of fun. You’re through on goal with only the keeper to beat but out of the corner of your eye you see a teammate who could sweep into an empty net if you square it to them. Whatcha you gonna do?
Squaring it–especially if the scoreline is tight. When I play, I’m a reflection of the club so the order of importance to me when I take the field is: 

1. Winning

2. Playing pretty football that looks good

3. My statistics and goals

Also, you reach a penalty shoot out in a cup final. Are you looking to take one, if so, where in the order are you looking to go? 
I will volunteer to take a pen every time. I’m not fussed on the order I shoot, I have some teammates who are pretty set on what order they take theirs so usually I’ll let them decide and slot into wherever they see best.

What are your targets for the remainder of the season?
My target for the remainder of the season would be to win out. I think as a group that’s more than achievable and it would be a really great way to put a bow on a long and hard-fought season.

Personally, I would like to just continue to score goals for the team and see what that does for us as far as results and points.

KT and her Moneyfields teammates travel to face Swindon Town tomorrow in the race for third place in the FA Women’s National League, KO is at 14:00.

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