Bristol City Women Become ‘The Robins’

Bristol City Men's and Women's side unveil their new sportswear range.
Photo from @BristolCityWFC

Bristol City Women have announced that as of next season they will now be known as The Robins aligning itself alongside the men’s team. This follows a rebranding and kit launch involving both sides. The Robin will appear on the home and away kits of Bristol City and Bristol City Women next season, as well as training and leisurewear. Supporters will also see the inclusion of 1894 on the crest as the club celebrates 125 years since its original formation as Bristol South End.

I am all for men’s and women’s sides working together and it’s great to see a bit more of a “one team” approach from the Bristol sides.

Bristol City Chief Executive Officer Mark Ashton said: “I am sure that supporters will be delighted with what we have achieved with the crest. It is bold, creative and symbolises what this club is all about. The return of the robin is something I know fans have wanted for a long time. We saw it return on this season’s away kit and now it is back for good.

“The updated crest takes Bristol City and Bristol City Women into a new era together and I can’t wait for what the next chapter will bring.”

Photo from @BristolCityWFC

I personally don’t mind the new logo but going by the Vixen’s fans reaction on Twitter, Ashton underestimated the fans response.

Earlier our resident correspondent on Bristol City Women, Richard Paish told me, “Many of us have no loyalty to the men’s team but love everything the Vixens stand for. The team has been Vixen’s since its initial formation as Bristol Rovers, subsequently Bristol Academy and now Bristol City. It is part of our history and tradition. We have a beautifully carved statue of a Vixen at the entrance to our ground at SGS.

“Part of the reason I rarely follow men’s elite football is most clubs have sold out and lost their identity and it appears that my women’s team have followed suit. I am extremely proud of everything Tanya Oxtoby and the players have achieved this year but feel extremely let down by those that run the club.”

Other fans seem to be upset that they were not consulted. Chris Lear wrote, “Think I can count the positive responses on one hand so far.”

Some fans claim to have not been consulted but the club state that they received more than 3,350 responses to their survey of fans as well as a focus group which represented a cross-section of supporters. With no ties to Bristol, who am I to argue with those who are upset about how the Women’s club has changed its identity which understandably means a lot to them.

I am pleased to see a top-flight Women’s Super League club being welcomed by their male counterparts, I just hope that this is the beginning of a long term partnership which will bring ongoing collaboration between the two sides, as well as more investment into the women’s side.

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