‘As an England team we all have strong values’ Wubben-Moy Won’t Be Watching the Qatar World Cup

Photo: The FA via Getty Images

We are just weeks away from the start of the men’s World Cup in Qatar, and another Lioness admits she won’t be watching the tournament despite wanting England to go all the way.

Lotte Wubben-Moy, who is a centre-half for Arsenal and England, admits she won’t be switching on to support the men’s team this Winter.

“As an England team we all have strong values, but a lot of those values aren’t represented in Qatar. It’s a tough conversation to have.

“I personally will be supporting the men’s team, but I won’t be watching. I think it’s hard to talk about, but at the end of the day we are one team here in England and we know that they have an opportunity to play at a World Cup and it’s hard to look beyond that.”

Just last week, FIFA’s President and Secretary wrote to the 32 nations involved telling them to not drag football into every ideological or political battle that exists. As well as adding that everyone should respect the opinions and beliefs of Qataris.

“I think sport and football is a strong vehicle for change, so to underestimate that would be naïve. Obviously, a lot of players have strong viewpoints and I salute them, and I wish them the best in looking to express that throughout this world cup.

“But it’s a World Cup for a lot of these players who might not ever play in a World Cup again, so I can’t comment on them choosing to go because many people would take that same choice as well.”

She continued to reinforce that it is important to use this opportunity for change.

The defender spoke on the back of Beth Mead telling BBC Radio 4 that the ban on homosexuality in Qatar is completely opposite to what she believes in and respects.

“It’s not something I will be backing or promoting. It’s disappointing in the sense that there’s no respect on a lot of levels, even though it’s a game of football.”

England men’s team captain Harry Kane, alongside seven other European nation captains, will wear an anti-discrimination armband during the tournament.

Wubben-Moy has featured in all of Arsenal’s six WSL games this season and is looking forward to the Lionesses’ final games of 2022.

“I think we are all excited for the next 10 days, we have two big games coming up, even more opportunities to gel as a team and to do so in somewhat nicer weather than we have here.

“We are relishing the opportunity to finish this year strong and do it with our best mates around us.”

The Lionesses are in Spain this week to take on Japan and Norway, on Friday 11 and Tuesday 15, respectively, where Wubben-Moy will be looking to feature with the absence of captain Leah Williamson.

Photo: The FA via Getty Images

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